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TheSOPA (Stop Online Privacy Act) bill has resurfaced and is once again trying to be passed.

The link attached will take you to a petition. Unless this petition reaches 100,000signatures by next week, this will happen:

  • All websites containing media that refers to or is owned by a company that hasn’t given its permission for the media to be displayed can and will be shut down. This means sites such as Tumblr, Wattpad, Pinterist,
  • People who post such media can and will be fined, with a maximum sentence of five years in prison. This includes, but is not limited to, people who own/post the following: fanfiction, fan art, roleplay blogs, fan blogs/accounts and movie streaming sites.

"The legislation would allow copyright holders and the Justice Department to seek court orders against websites associated with copyright infringement. SOPA, the House version, applies to both domestic and foreign websites, while PIPA targets foreign websites. If that court order is granted, the entire website would be taken down. Internet users who typed in the site’s URL address would receive an error message, and for all appearances, the site would never have existed. Importantly, the court does not need to hear a defense from the actual website before issuing its ruling. The entire website can be condemned without a trial or even a traditional court hearing."

This is not a joke.
This is real.

We need 100,000 signatures by next week. Make one of them yours, or all these things that make you happy will disappear.


The scary thing is that SOPA is basically saying that corporations will run our lives, and the internet and this is one but one way of doing that.

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Kuroshitsuji / CHP. 87-90 / Sebastian Michaelis

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Kuroshitsuji / CHP. 87-90 / Sebastian Michaelis

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Selfies in the 19th century

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Kuroshitsuji ch. 90 » That Butler, Leaving

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Now, Young Master. It is time to wake up.

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